Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Final Collections

We got there in the end...we've all finished our collections...there was blood, there was sweat, and there was MOST DEFINATELY tears! What a long a painful labour ..and surely an experience we will never forget.

We're now on to styling our collections for our photoshoots and for our fashion show at the Dovecot in June!

Final Collections

If the above link doesn't work, please visit:

And click on the title for Tuesday 16th March.

Hopefully our next up date will contain some pics from out photoshoots!


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Have a look at what Arts Thread thought about our pop up shop....


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting Ourselves Out There!


Were heading to London the whole of next week, to sell our fabulous unique one off collections!

All garments are designed an made by our creative selfs and you can be sure to pick up something special!

Come along and check us out!

Start Time: Tuesday, 08 December 2009 at 10:00
End Time: Sunday, 13 December 2009 at 19:40
Location: Camden London
Street: 73 Parkway, Camden
Town/City: London, United Kingdom

Thursday, November 26, 2009

wonders of the world

tomorrow tomorrow...i love ya tomorrow..youre only a dancebeat away

youve got that anxious feeling..youre feet are ready to dance to the beat..your arms are ready to hype with the atmosphere...

tomorrow..THIS MONTH DAY 27.. finally here.
Any chances anyone will be bopping in the new McQueen shoes cause by golly gosh wow!think chances are slim tho..huge tendencies to slip and fall on the dancefloor and why subject such beauty to alcoholic spillage

FACT OF THE DAY...jenny cant spell..she can..but she cant..

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion has no boundaries...And why should it???

It's not the fashion world that's fierce and bitchy...its the world around us that is...The people we see every day - they fuel the forever burning fire that is Fashion, Politics, Religion, Race, Nature, Music, Emotions.

Life is Fashions inspiration...
It's ours to live - And we can do as we please!
Use life to inspire you...

Open your eyes to Fashion Revolution...
Interact with it...Feel it...LIVE IT!!!
KAAM xxx

Weather me Timbers

"ooo rrr its mighty cold today" miss jenny finnie says with her delectable pom pom mohair on...
" yes indeedy, foggy is the mist in the valley of galashiels..i cant see my footprints before me" replied miss jade rogers...printing it up (ahem minus a shower visit)..

" potato???"....."the white castle of carbohydrates" miss jenny finnie..the queen of masterchef 2009...
"why yes please...itll warm my belly ten fold" miss jade rogers winner of the hot dog buffet eating contest 2009...

HAH WE IS SO FLY!!! come join us...well take pictures...EAT ME!!!!
back soon... WORD Hu-MANS

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

humbug delight..sequin cringe text

i subjected myself to the gala street lights in a humbug get up..complete with a cellophane crimped bow that id pinned to my head with multiple kirby pins and a mountain of hair product to keep the sleek halo rocking....

we danced..we drunk..we bombed...we conquered impressive shape throwing..we lasted til the lights went bright and it was hometime...
The bow - ripped out my head... The humbug get up hidden by a multidue to sequins.. the walk home!shameful...
the cringe text.. He received it..where i imagined that a lineup of fine homeless fellows were following me home and it was the sequins that were luring them back. And of course i shared that i would now be opening my house to the homeless forever more..and a p.s that i want to see his face.

The sequined beauty is now in hibernation! The jacket still glows but its owner still cringes. Ill come back for you soon

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thought it was about time we showed you what we can do! This is a snippet from our final collections from 3rd year. This has really given us a taste for what we're in for this year...and we're totally up for the challenge. Watch this space to see how we get on!

Chip'funks' store nuts

Ive never really questioned what lies unearthed in peoples handbags... its like that male 'golden rule' - never enter a womans handbag unless told to.. (Hah my Dad dreaded the day i suggested my pocket money increased and i could enter the womans society of handbag glory... )...
For me handbags dont really get emptied. 20p for the bus - its in there - eyeliner, oh yeah its around there along with the makeup stains and tissues, pins for that DIY moment and of course sweets a plenty because i eat far too much..however, beware when that lining starts ripping; its all fine and well finding your long lost necklace scurrying around.. but an old sticky sweetie.. EWWWW
SO again...Ive never really questioned what lies unearthed in peoples handbags.. Until a moment in London. The tube. Kensington. Approx 1.30pm. A slim Jim fellow. Japanese. Clutching onto his Vivienne Westwood man satchel..pondering over his nails, which my my good sir you keep manicured..He turned his white cuff up over his worn and torn jumper. Tweaked his glasses..smoothed the hair. Then he reached in ...this glorious Vivienne Westwood fine leather satchel, resting on his lap, all spanking new; What was he going to pull out - an ipod..a matching wallet..a notebook (hes just had an amazing though).
NUTS!! a cling filmed sack of nuts. I one heard and im thinking no one looked because its london..which is why the guy obviously felt at ease to release his clingfilmed punnet of nuts into the tube as no one would question it at all.... EXCEPT ME!! He opened it carefully, pouring the nuts into his mouth..only to quickly wrap them up dive in again and produce ANOTHER bag of mixed nuts.
I have to say..hes nut storage was an inspiration. Maybe we can all go nuts and store away our food for winter in divine leather bags. No one would never know after all - because ' You shouldnt enter a womans handbag unless told to.
Word HU-Mans.. xxEDAJ

Monday, October 12, 2009


So laydees

Did we all have a fabulous, inspiring, fun, time in London? A particular highlight for me was Simian Mobile Disco awoo although we did travel on the train for an hour!! The SHOWstudio exhibition made me think alot more about the use of the web in publicising a brand or designer......................... Sexually explicit images at the Tate Modern by Jeff Koons, the sex beast were a source of much giggling like a 12 year old but well worth a visit!! Also the fabric shops were full of goodies and nice helpful staff....... for a change, especially loving the rather decedant well dressed fella in the Cloth Shop! Also wo else loved CDG at Dover Street Markert?? Tres inspiring!

Was struck tonight by a rather alarming fact, were just about to head into our 5th week of term and I'm afraid to say ive not got much to show yet WOOPS!!

Better go & get my ideas out of my head and into some sort of Project Diary!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"...and in that they noticed, its not who you are or what you are,
but who they will allow you to be!!!!!"

Fashion Terrorist

Thou shalt not wear nylon. thou shalt not wear the evil ones they call dungarees. thou shalt walk to the beat of prince and beat it to justice. thou shalt no mess with the bangs. thou shalt not go down quietly. thou shalt cause conceptual mayhem. thou shalt rise up in a fashion riot. THE FASHION TERRORIST

And on the day they take our hopes and dreams of a fashion show, so will the rebel forces of FDI 4 rise up and cause terror all over the fashion radar. We will not be silenced nor out of season nor shall we go quietly.